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Our Jackson family consists of Hilary and Barry and our daughter Wendy - there are pages for Barry and I, together with pages relating to my family history research.  If anyone would like to get in touch with any of us please use the email address at the bottom of the page.

Hilary and Barry at Hooton Lodge

This picture was taken  at Hooton Lodge at Hooton Roberts, Rotherham, South Yorkshire - this used to be Lodge Farm, the farm where my Uncle Bill and Auntie Beattie used to live and work.  When they retired their son, my cousin, Keith Hickling and his wife Sonya farmed and lived there.  Now its a  restaurant next door to Rotherham United's former Training Ground.  We are sitting in what used to be the cowshed!  This restaurant is currently named "Hooton Lodge Country Inn".

I decided to set up this website to keep in touch with family and friends at home and abroad.  Please follow the links in the Navigation Bar at the top of this page.  My husband Barry's family and mine migrated from other counties to South Yorkshire to work in the collieries of South Yorkshire.

My family history pages include Braithwaite, Copley, Cupit/Skevington, Dixon, GashHickling,   MicklethwaitePeutrell, Tomlinson/Dawson and Vaughan family pages and as the branches increase I thought it sensible to prepare a surnames list which includes more names connected with the families.  Some of these family pages are becoming rather long, so I am attempting to split them into smaller pages - this though will take a little time.  Please visit the Genealogy page which shows how I first started researching our family history, beginning with my Great Grandfather, William Gash who was a member of the 17th Lancers regiment. 

There's also my ongoing research into the death of Abraham Thompson, killed in the 1851 Warren Vale Colliery disaster in Rawmarsh and the tragic death of Mark Tomlinson who was engulfed in quicksand at Kirton Skeldyke.

Some members of the Gash family and my brother, David Roy Braithwaite emigrated to Canada - please take a look at The Canadians - covering our family in Canada.  There are a series of newspaper reports which appeared in a Canadian newspaper - the Fernie Free Press page - this section consists of stories about the Gash and Wallwork families from the time of the 1st World War, 1915 to 1937.

Barry's family history is included within the Jackson, Barrowcliffe/Dutton, and Wilkinson-Hornsey pages.  The Hallam family connection is included on the Barrowcliffe/Dutton page with an additional link to another Hallam 'branch' which can only be accessed here and from the Barrowcliffe/Dutton page.

You might be interested in my Mother's shop which also includes memories of growing up in Rawmarsh, in South Yorkshire - things I can remember about living behind the shop on Kilnhurst Road at Ryecroft, a district of Rawmarsh.  There's room for more information if anyone would like to email me; there's also my School Days in Rawmarsh and Mexborough; and my 2 x Great Grandfather, schoolmaster, Benjamin Micklethwaite's story; I've just started a section trying to unravel the truth behind some of the stories passed down within the Gash family; and I have also included a page devoted to my father's experiences in World War I

As well as photographs on most pages, there are three photograph galleries: Gallery1; Gallery2;  and latterly Photo Gallery 3 which includes some later pictures and also of some unidentified photographs - I would be pleased to hear if anyone recognises who the people are (please use the email address at the bottom of each page).   Gallery Number one consists mainly of photographs of the Gash family and descendants; the second gallery consists of family pictures of the Hickling and Braithwaite families; Gallery three is a mixture of all the families and as previously mentioned some unknowns found in our parent's collections. 

More photographs have been added and now appear on most pages.  If anyone can supply me with any photographs which relate to the website they would be gratefully received.

Andrew Shaw's Micklethwaite Family History Record covers the family tree beginning with John Micklethwaite; and the Pewtrall Family Tree can now only be accessed via this link and from the Peutrell Family page. I've reorganised the Braithwaite page and set up the David McPhaden's Family Page - David was my father's stepfather.

I have also included a page containing all the BRAITHWAITE surnames found whilst trawling through the 1841 Census - this is by no means complete with entries being added as I find them.  I was prompted to initiate this page because of the huge brick wall involving my Great Grandfather Robert Braithwaite - finding his baptism record would be a huge bonus! 

There's also the Parish Records pages, these include births, deaths and marriages of the family names associated with our family history. 

These pages though, are still not complete, with information yet to add and with visits planned to look up further records, I will update when I get the time!


If anyone wants to get in touch with me regarding anything on this site please contact me at - hilary.jcksn "followed by" @googlemail.com and if anyone objects to anything being included on any page, or if you spot any errors/assumptions made, please also let me know. 

I've had to change my email address because of the enormous amount of spam received at the Yahoo address - please note that the "followed by" is included in between  the 2 sections of the address to try avoid the huge amount of porn rubbish I have been receiving.

updated July 2013